Monday, February 10, 2014

The Work

So with our investigators:  We haven’t been able to find the 15 year old boy that we have been teaching for a week or two, so we are a little sad about that.

The young couple is doing okay. The wife has come to Church two of the three Sundays and yesterday she brought their one year old boy. 

Some good news from Santa Juana is that the attendance has doubled since I left, and one week there were more investigators than members! Last week the branch president and his wife passed through Loncoche and we were able to meet up with them. I feel better about Santa Juana. I think I helped spark the missionary fever there and the branch president and his wife have expressed a lot of appreciation to me. It meant a lot that they would take the time to stop by and say “hi” to me on their way to their vacation. 

We also have another family that we are working with now. The father felt a connection to the Restoration video and really understands the message, but out of the three weeks we have been teaching them we have yet to see them in church. 

I hope everyone has great birthdays this week! Thank you so much for the great letters!!

Ciao, Love you tons!!

My companion and the other missionaries I live with.
I treat them to the best scones at the bus station when we head to district meetings each week.

Some funny notes:

I found a slug the size of my finger in the shower the other day. 

The other day my companion was hooking up the gas line to the stove. He loves to cook, and he yells to me to come in. It turns out the gas was leaking and I had to run around the house to cut it off outside. 

A Valentine for Grandpa Reed - I call it the Tillinator.
Beautiful bus rides.

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