Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Knocking Doors

We knocked a lot of doors this week again, but we have two potential investigators that I really hope will progress. One is a 15 year old boy that is looking to understand religion a little better. He has completed the two commitments that we left him with and it is the first time anyone has done that for me, so I am really hoping it works out.
 We also have a young family. The mother was a less active member as a child but has real desires to return to the church.  She came to church on Sunday and she was stoked. They are really good people and the father wants to learn more about the church. We have a family night lesson with them tonight. Along with this young family, we have reactivated another less active couple that has come the last two Sundays. I am really grateful for these people and really hope they will accept the message.

It rained all day here on Tuesday and Wednesday. The temperature dropped drastically with the rain and was freezing cold. I was so grateful for my awesome coat. We knocked doors all day in the rain. It is amazing to me that people still shut the door on us even when we are soaking wet in the freezing rain. I hear this is nothing compared to winter, so I need to find a good umbrella.  Those were the big events of the week.

Just a side note, I have had many people tell me I look like the russian boxer in Rocky IV.

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