Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Hey Fam,

So happy to have the opportunity to write to you guys. This week has had some highs and lows. I really felt like I have seen some miracles. I have also been looking back at the last 3 months here to see what I have learned. Though these months have been the most difficult of my entire life, I have learned some very important lessons that will help set the tone for my mission and my life. I have gained a lot of perspective. Every day I feel like I am learning more and more what really matters. I have also found some things that I want to change. I always want to be a doer. Someone who makes it happen. I think of Dad as one of the best doers I know. There are hundreds of examples of Dad making it happen. This is something that I really want to develop rather than letting the circumstances get the better of me, I want to change circumstances. I also want to be a better listener. I think mom is the best listener I have ever met. She always listens to everyone’s problems and is so good at comforting us and building us up. She is amazing! Thank you for always listening. These are just a few things that I want to improve in.

Something else that I realized this week is that if we really believe in the Book of Mormon, we should have absolutely no reason to fear, so long as we are trying to apply the principles taught inside. I know that I am trying. I make mistakes everyday, but I am trying so I know it will be okay. It is so important to never give up. The only way we fail is if we give up.

Missionary work is so tough, but it’s good for you. There have been moments where I have felt completely alone and lost and others where I have truly realized how much I am loved. I realize how much I am loved in every letter I receive, when I think about how many people are specifically praying for me, when I find the everyday miracle, when I think of you. Thank you for always letting me know you love me. It means the world and more.

I love each and every one of you!

Elder William Clayton Christensen

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