Monday, December 8, 2014

Piedra Aguila

We went somewhere pretty cool this morning. Its called Piedra Aguila. It is a sweet look out point in the middle of Chile and you can see the coast on one side and the Andes Mountains on the other side! It was sooooo cool!! I have got a lot of photos to send today so I will send my letter in parts. These first two are from a look out point on the way to the National Park. This is Angol. You can see the volcanoes in the background.

Alright, so we had a cool week, so I will try to get as much out as possible.
First off I loved reading mom's update about each of you this morning. I love thinking about each of you. Mom, I loved the thoughts you shared with me and I appreciate that you would love to be a “fly on the wall” or a “dog in the street” to see what I do everyday. But I guarantee that you don’t want to be a dog on the street here. I have seen so many messed up dogs here and they are all filled with fleas and ticks. The other day I saw one with its tongue coming out through its nose (try and picture that). And today I wasn’t too happy with the blood sucking flies at the National Park either. Last week we contacted a street with three giant German Shepherds inside almost every gate.

So, the funny story of the week was that I woke up at three a.m. in the morning one day to our neighbor pounding on the wall. I was convinced he was dying or getting robbed or something. Five seconds later he was down pounding on the door. When one of our companions opened the door he came barging in and yelling at us. It turns out he was just mad because our fan was keeping him and his wife up. Pretty nuts, right?

On a more spiritual note I really appreciate your love for me. I loved the thought of not just being a “sheep herder” as I have the opportunity to interact with and help others, I am striving to be a shepherd. Thank you for those thoughts on the Atonement.

We had a really great week. The "He is the Gift" video is working miracles. We found 21 new investigators this week and at least 18 of them were from the video when we offered to share it with the people here. Such a great way to share the gospel. We also found a couple people who had already seen it on the internet because friends had shared it with them.

I am doing really well, just trying to do better every day! I love you guys tons!

Have a great week,

Elder Christensen

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