Monday, January 26, 2015


Tiny Doors

Hey Everybody,

I hope you are all doing really well! I had a good week. We had cambios today and I will be staying here in Angol.

I am doing well. We had a great baptism this week. It was awesome to see P get baptized. It has been great teaching him and seeing him gradually change and open up to us. We are really striving to help him and his family focus on the temple now. Yesterday we had a fantastic Sacrament meeting and everything was about the Temple. There were two great talks and also a couple who were sealed last week that bore their testimonies about the temple.

We also had an interesting run in with some new investigators this week. They were members of another church and when we went back for the second visit they were very critical about some of the things we believe. They told us that the Book of Mormon is worthless to them because it doesn’t mention it in the Bible. That made me really sad. If only they knew.  But I learned some very key points. During the entire lesson I felt peace. Even though we didn’t get much of a chance to speak, I felt like the Spirit was testifying to me the entire time that I am good and that we have the truth. That was a sweet experience for me. I also learned that some people can be a little too stuck on exactly what the Bible says. These people wouldn’t accept Joseph Smith as a prophet or the Book of Mormon, because they weren’t mentioned in the Bible. It was interesting that they were so closed to everything. I learned how important it is to be based in revelation because it is so easy to misunderstand the Bible.

Yesterday someone escorted us off of his property after we knocked on his door. We didn’t even say a word. That was pretty intense.

Anyways, missionary work isn’t always easy, but we just keep going.

Yesterday I was working with Elder Parkin all day in my sector. He is awesome! We had a really great time! Tell his parents that he is a great kid and they should be really proud of him for his great testimony! He has a great spirit about him! We found two families yesterday, it was awesome!

Love you tons,

Elder Christensen

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