Monday, February 2, 2015

Patterns of Light

From President and Sister Bluth, Elders in Angol

Hey Fam, 

I hope you are all doing well!

I have had a good week. We are working really hard. We found a couple new families that I am really excited about. It will be good to work with them.
It is good to be with good people. I enjoyed fasting yesterday and was able to feel peace and confidence as I fasted.

I enjoyed the Elders quorum lesson yesterday about light. We watched the patterns of light videos by Elder Bednar and I loved how he talked about how light always overcomes darkness, but darkness cannot overcome light. Light is also warm. Those videos are great and I invite you guys to watch them again.

Yesterday we talked to a nice man and his daughter. He was an older man and had reciently been diagnosed with cancer. He is an old history teacher and has an interesting perspective on things. His niece is the Stake Young Women's President here in Angol and his daughter was baptized when she was young, but later fell away because she felt it wasn't true. It was interesting hearing their perspective of God. They believed in the creation but it seemed to me that they felt like God just left us after that. We taught them a little bit about God's love and how it is like a fathers love for his children. As we taught I realized that we can learn so much about God's nature in our own families. It has been interesting to look at that and helped me understand a little bit better.

I am so grateful that our Loving Heavenly Father reaches out to us each day. That he has called prophets and leaders to help us. I am so grateful for the gospel and for revelation, that we are not left alone and I hope that I can look for more revelation in my own life.

I love you tons,
Elder Christensen

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