Monday, February 16, 2015

Nice to See Some Fruits

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Birthdays!

Sounds like it has been a great week and I can't believe how old everybody is getting. I am still denying the fact that Emma will be driving. What ever happened with the driving test?

Dad is my hero. What a great example for me. I have always wanted to be just like him. He is amazing. I am astounded by everything that he pulls off each week. What a great example!

I love Emma for her quiet confidence and her awesome sense of humor! She always gets me laughing! I am so grateful for the great person she is and the good example she is for me. Way to hang in there for the sweet sixteen.

Charlie is my buddy. I love him for just being happy and always going for it. He is my favorite brother and will always be my best bud. We are going to have so much fun when I get back! Sorry sisters. GUYS ONLY! 

It has been kind of an interesting week. The good news is that J's family is showing a ton of interest in the church. His mom loves coming to church and showed up with one of his sisters yesterday, even though J was feeling sick and couldn't come. She felt bad because they walked in a little late and self committed to come early next week, as well as stay for the classes after. Nobody does that! We also had another great lesson with an 24 year old young man we were teaching yesterday. He told us he had received his answer that what we are teaching is true and would like to be baptized. We are not sure when it will happen because he might be moving to Santiago in a couple of weeks and is working through some stuff, but there was a really strong spirit when he told us about the answer he received. We also found a really great family that is full of energy this week.They have been really receptive. It is nice to see some fruits.

We had a lot of rule changes in the mission this last week and president has asked us to avoid swapping emails with the family. I feel like it is important to respect this rule. I love you guys tons and wish I could chat a little bit with you guys. Thanks for helping me out. Love you tons. 

You guys are so great! 

Elder Christensen

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