Monday, April 20, 2015

Conversion to Christ

Elder Watson, a high school friend.

Hey Everybody,
I had a great week, mostly because we got to hear Elder Oaks in a video conference on Saturday. It was to our mission, the Concepcion mission, a mission in Santiago and the Antofagasta mission. It was really powerful and I learnd a lot. He talked a lot about the importance of commitment. What I liked most in the talk was that he talked about being converted to Christ and not just to the Church. I liked that a lot because I feel like throughout my mission I have been able to strengthen my conversion to Christ. I am really grateful for that and am looking forward to having more experiences to strengthen that conversion to Christ. 

I got the package last week and loved it! I think it was the best package I have recieved in my mission. My favorite gift was the little book on Grace by Sheri Dew. I read the whole thing and it helped me so much! I felt a lot of peace as I read it and really felt inspired. I plan to re-read it often. I also love the little book of daily thoughts on the atonement. I look forward to reading a new thought everyday! The ties are beautiful as well! It is so nice to have new ties!!!!  Everybody loves the jelly beans and jerky as well. Thank you soo much!!!! 
Football with our Zone
The Rivalry lives on in Chile
I am doing well. This week I also learned the importance of gratitude. I was praying this week and I thanked  Heavenly Father for some of the difficult experiences I had during the week because I was able to learn from them. Even when I made mistakes, I was able to thank Heavenly Father because I was able to avoid them later on. I am grateful for my growth! I love you all so much!
Our District
Happy Birthday Elder C!

You are all so great, Love you tons!!!!

Elder Will Christensen

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