Monday, April 28, 2014

Family Photos

It was a really crazy week! I will just share a few highlights. We were working in a town with some other missionaries and my companion and I contacted a house just outside of an Evangelical church. The lady came out and talked to us for a minute and told us that she was a member of the church next door and said that she felt sorry for us because we didn’t have the spirit. Well, I was determined to show her that we had the spirit, so I whipped out my family photo album that I carry around with me. I love these photos because they really reflect the love in our family and I have received so many great comments about them. Thank you mom for making us pose for photos. Anyways, I showed this lady a photo and said, “What do you see there?” She looked at it for a moment and then she said “Pain”. I was sitting there thinking, “Are you blind?” I see the most pure happiness there is in this world. Then she told me that our family was of the devil. I didn’t take that too well. But, it makes for a good story.

A Family Photo of when we all walked to the Salt Lake Temple - 2013

Later that night we had a great family night with K and her family. They wanted to thank us for what we did for their family. They had a mountain of scones and apple pie waiting for us. I felt really good. It was one of those moments where I felt completely fulfilled, that we had truly helped someone.

I also had an emergency inter-cambio in PitrufquĂ©n for three days and was stuck with one shirt and no blankets. Luckily, they had a good heater. It was the one time I didn’t bring a sleeping bag on an inter-cambio. For all those coming to Southern Chile, the sleeping bag is a must. I have heard too many horror stories about missionaries freezing on the cold ceramic floor without blankets during exchanges. The sleeping bag keeps you so warm at night, now that it is the colder rainy season and there is no central heating. It is a million times better that blankets. Boots are tricky; something light, warm and waterproof. Not big clompers. 

First and foremost, I want to wish Grace the happiest Birthday ever! I love her so much! Everyone thinks she is the cutest when I show off the family photos. I also want to congratulate Claire on qualifying for State. Keep up the great work! It is so fun to hear about how her running is really taking off. It is so well deserved, way to go Claire! New personal records every week! Congratulations to Nathanael and Whitney also! 

AND I AM SO STOKED THAT WE ARE BUILDING A HOUSE FOR ME IN LAMB'S CANYON, THANK YOU GRANDPA PAUL! I CANNOT WAIT TO LIVE THERE! (kidding, not just for Will, but probably his favorite place on Earth)
The Ridge in Lamb's Canyon - 2013
Also, could you ask Grandpa Paul to send me advice from his days as Mission President? Thanks for everything. Elder B and I just got a list of members organized by street and we are going to try and contact everyone this week. Lots of families to find! 


Elder Christensen

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  1. I'm so glad I found this blog. My son has recently been assigned to serve in the Chile Concepcion South Mission. He leaves for the Mexico City MTC on August 13. We live in Provo and would love to connect with you.