Monday, April 14, 2014

Going Well in Loncoche

Baptism in Loncoche

I hope all is well at home, I love you guys so much, you are amazing!

We had a really great baptism Saturday. It was these two little girls, K and another girl from the primary. I am so happy for them. I feel really good for K and her family because I think it really did bring them back to the Church and I have never seen her more happy than she was after the baptism. I had a great feeling of peace as she was baptized and it made me feel sooo good.  I can’t wait to help more people!  I spoke at the baptism and talked about how grateful I am for the little girl I got to baptize almost a year ago and showed a card that Grace had slipped into one of my books. This card means so much to me. I found it a couple months back, when I was struggling and it made my day. It has a picture of Grace and I right before I baptized her and on the back Grace wrote.  “Remember this was the happiest day of my life! I love you.” Thank you Grace!

Will at his sister Grace's Baptism 2013
Things are going well here in Loncoche. My new companion is a great guy and easy to get along with.  I really like him and appreciate him because he is willing to work. He appreciates my ideas and we work together to plan and stuff like that. We also pulled off a deep clean in the house, so that is good. We got all the mold out and now the house smells like clorox. We also fired up the wood-burning stove. I am really excited for this Cambio. Last week with Elder B we were planning and we cleaned one morning so we didn’t get too much teaching done but I am really excited to get to work and just teach. I am reading a great little book called, “Member Missionary Work, Finding the Elect of God”. It is interesting. It’s super short and only 100 pages long, so I just read it when I have a little time. It is written by a missionary named Marshall, who didn’t baptize his first 8 months in the mission field and then ended up setting a mission record for baptisms. It is interesting and has some great ideas that I am trying to apply. Basically it has helped me know not to be afraid, to be bold.

I am doing great, just hoping I am doing something right. I decided I really want to focus on my relationship with Christ and develop a relationship and testimony that will be super strong for the eternities. I have been listening to conference in the mornings and love it. I feel so good when I listen to the prophet and apostles and I know that they are called of God.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Christensen

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