Monday, July 21, 2014

The Churrasco

Hey Fam,

It sounds like you are all down in Newport. Enjoy the ocean, eat some burgers and tacos for me because I really miss them! 

That sandwich would be my favorite Chilean food, the Churrasco, we get it almost
every Monday. The restaurant is called Super Sandwich.

We had kind of a boring week. Lots of looking for new investigators. Lots of people are on vacation this week because it is winter vacation here for two weeks. It was Elder M and Elder U’s birthdays this week so a member invited us over for a barbeque family night so that was nice. Lots of meat. I am really sorry I am not sure what to write. It was kind of a slow week. 

On Saturday morning I was thinking about what we can do to have the Spirit to be with us more. As I was praying I really felt like it is important that we focus on our desires and our actions based on these desires. I have been working a lot on my desires and it has helped me a lot. After praying on Saturday I was walking in the street thinking about Christ and the blessings that I have received because of the Gospel. I received a very comforting feeling of love and peace as I thought about our family and the ward. 

Right now I am working hard to really develop my relationship with Christ and to come to know him better. 

Really Lame. Sorry, my comp and I both agree nothing big happened this week so I am sorry. Any Questions?

Love you tons! 

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