Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Finding Families

We got to know President Bluth this week. He is wonderful. He is really focused on the individual and is very humble. I feel really comfortable around him. He is just nice. I had a wonderful conversation with him and really love him. He is very personal and very concerned for the missionaries. He really took the time to get to know me. He asked me about football and everything. We have another conference with him this week and I am so excited. His wife is really great as well. I feel so blessed to have them as mission presidents.

The P family ended up not getting baptized last week, but they are good to go for this week. Their son who was unsure is feeling a lot better about baptism and wants to do it. It should be really great. They are a wonderful family. 

Another family that we are teaching came to church yesterday, so that was a huge step. They are finally beginning to pick up steam and are really beginning to keep more and more commitments. They are progressing; slowly but surely. 

We weren’t able to teach the other couple we have been working with last week, but talked to the wife last night at their gate. She said that she has been talking with her husband and they feel good about their beliefs right now, but would like it if we stopped by. So we are going to go by to clear up some doubts. 

We found some really great new people to teach; L, a young man who is studying, and two new families who showed considerable interest when we taught them the restoration. We have a lot of hope for them. I feel really blessed because the people Elder M and I are finding are good quality people with good values. The couples are all married as well, which is huge for Chile. It is hard to find families with married parents, so we feel very blessed.

News for the week: It has been very good weather, sunny but cold. Which is better than wet and cold. 

Two nights ago our next door neighbor, a member of the stake presidency, got robbed. Another member got robbed the next day, so we are making sure to keep everything locked up tight. The irony of the whole thing was our neighbor was being robbed next door while the neighborhood guard was knocking on our door asking for his pay. Our neighbor got home five minutes later and came out yelling to us to call the police. The robber had just taken off from his house. 

We got a new family in the ward yesterday. The Martinez Family. I must admit it is a little nerve racking to be in priesthood and Sacrament meeting with your old mission president. They are so great. They were happy to see us and asked how we are doing. They are awesome. Just really great people and I love them. They will be a really great support for the ward, but will be staying under the radar as missionary work goes for a while.

I love you guys tons. I loved Emma’s letter last week. It made me laugh! Thanks for your great humor Emma! 

I ate a giant sandwich for lunch today that was pretty good. It was like the Chilean version of Five Guys. 

Hope you all had a great week! 

Love you tons! 

Elder Christensen

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