Monday, August 4, 2014



This week we had a couple great experiences. Yesterday, we had a nice young father in church. He seems to be very receptive and he survived quite an interesting lesson about tithing, temple work, and family history yesterday in church. All followed up by singing, “Praise to the Man” (one of my favorites, but a little awkward when you spend your whole day telling people we don’t worship Joseph Smith). He said that he really liked how the people at church look out for each other and take interest in the other peoples lives. He said you can go to another church and nobody has a clue about anybody else. He has a couple of difficulties ahead, so hopefully that works out. 

We are also teaching a nice mother who has been suffering from several personal challenges. When we visited last week she said that after reading Alma 7, she had felt that the Book of Mormon was true and had actually defended us at a birthday party she went to later that day after hearing lots of anti-Mormon stuff. She accepted to be baptized but we haven´t been able to find her lately. 

I am also really excited for the other missionaries in Galvarino. They haven’t had many investigators lately, but found a really wonderful family a week or two ago. I am happy for Elder Q, the new elder from Mexico. He is a wonderful guy. I really admire his ability to find the good in everyone and make friends with everyone. 

Thank you for all of your love. You are amazing. Please keep praying for me! I am doing great but I find so much strength from your prayers! Love you tons! 

Please tell Gram thanks for the great fudge! That made me super happy! 
I also got a kick out of Jeff’s letter last week about scout camp. Reminded me of dad pushing the guy in the lake when he was a kid.

Love you tons!
Elder Christensen 

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