Monday, September 8, 2014


I am doing really well because every day we are finding good people to teach. We have been very blessed to find some great families. Lots of future priesthood holders to teach. 

We started teaching this great guy. He was a reference from a member in a different part of Los Angeles. He has a herniated disk in his back and hasn´t been able to work for quite a while. The doctors have been trying to help him but I think he still has some things to find out. He is such a good guy and has a great young family. They are still starting off and struggle with the things most young couples do. He told us that it has been really hard for him not to work and just wants to be happy. 

We helped the other elders with a wedding on Friday. The couple they were teaching got married this week and we were able to help them out so that was really great. Craziest day ever. I am sorry. I didn´t have much time to write today I have been doing some other stuff on the computer. 

I am well. I will try to write more and send pictures next week. 
I love you tons.

Thank you mom and dad for the special letters last week. I love you tons! I can’t believe I am 20. 

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