Monday, September 22, 2014

Independence Day

We have been very blessed with a lot of great investigators this last cambio and I feel like we will have a lot of success this cambio. The people we have been teaching are amazing. I am so excited about them. They are fantastic. They are the real deal. I really believe that each one could get baptized really soon, but each has a few challenges. Please pray for them. I am grateful to be teaching so many men and young families. The church needs good priesthood leadership and each one of these men are good sound people who understand and will be these great leaders. I am so excited to be teaching such great men; more than anything else. What a blessing. 

Chilean flags hanging at every house for Independence Day
Independence Day was great. All of Chile is required to put flags up or they get fined, so that was cool to see. We had a good rest, but I understand why missionaries don’t get much rest, because it makes you trunky. 

Chicken dinner with the missionaries that live in our house.

We have cambios tomorrow. Elder G and I are going to stay here. Elder U is going to open a new sector and train in the same area as Elder N from Holladay. Elder Q and Elder H are going to train as well as they stay in our house. I really hope Elder P gets to train in our house, that would be awesome. He has a 2 in 17 chance. But the trainers this round are really great!
Super Sandwich - our favorite P-day stop.

I am feeling very blessed by the Lord and know that I can trust in Him. I am so grateful that I have this opportunity.

Love you all!

Elder Christensen

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