Monday, December 16, 2013

You Know that Christmas is Different when Santa is Handing out Popsicles Instead of Candy Canes at the Primary Christmas Party

P-Day Barbecue with the Zone
Hey Fam.,

Sorry I didn't have much time to write today so this may be a little short. It has been a crazy week. We had our Confrencia de Navidad on Wednesday. It was really great. President Martinez gave a really powerful message that had a good impact on me and really motivated me. I was really happy because I could understand almost all of it. Spanish is good some days and bad others, but overall I feel like I am improving. His message was about giving yourself to Christ, just like you have been telling me to do. Thank you so much for your letters. They are perfect for me each week. I find exactly what I need. After President's message we had a zone talent show type deal. Our zone sang 12 Days of Christmas with different lyrics that fit the missionary theme a little better. Everybody loved it.

Part of our Zone today at our Barbecue
Friday I had a great inter-cambio with Elder Y from Argentina. He has been in the mission for about 2 weeks. He is a really great guy and speaks English pretty well because he has taken it for the last 12 years or so. We were in his sector which is on the coast so it was nice because it is about 20 degrees cooler. I also got to see the ocean, which was great. It is always nice to have a real shower as well!

Saturday we had a great service project where I got to use a grub hoe. It felt so good. Today we had a barbecue with the zone that was a lot of fun. My soccer team was me, an Argentinian, a Mexican, and a Chilean. I am not very good at soccer.


Elder Christensen

P.S. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Say "hi" to Meisha for me and tell her how much I appreciate her example. (Will's cousin Meisha is finishing her mission in the Philippines this week.)  You are amazing!

 A Street in Santa Juana

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