Monday, May 26, 2014

The City of Angels

Well, I was thinking about writing to Connelly to tell him I got transferred to L.A. Its kind of funny to think we are serving in two cities with the same name. 

I really like this place. It is really awesome! There are some moments where it feels like I am walking up in the Avenues in Salt Lake, just the Latino version. The ward here is really great. They had ward conference this week and had a lot of fun activities. They are very good people. I am really excited to work here. My friend Elder H is here as well and it is fun to be in the same house as him. There are six missionaries in our house and one bathroom, so the mornings can be a little difficult sometimes. It has been really sunny here as well, which makes me happy. It’s like typical fall weather. We live in one of the best houses in the mission and it is pretty nice. We have two couches, which is amazing, even though they are kind of nasty. It is nice to have somewhere to sit that is comfortable.  I really like the city where I am serving. It is fun to have kind of a new atmosphere to work. 

I got an e-mail from the Branch President of my first area in Santa Juana. He told me that one of the people that we had been teaching there had be baptized. He was so kind to thank me for all of my work there. When I first arrived there were 28 people that attended Church in the branch. Last week they had 64 members, a total of 88 with leadership attend their branch conference. It is so exciting to be a part of this great work and to celebrate the goodness it brings into all of our lives.

The gospel is true!

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