Monday, June 16, 2014


We had changes today and I will be staying here in Los Angeles with Elder M. I am happy. I really like this place. This is Elder M’s last change, so I know I can settle in for a little while. Elder E,  one of my companions from Loncoche, just got called as a zone leader as well. So that is pretty cool!

It was a pretty good week. On Friday, we had a huge conference with the entire mission. It was our last conference with President Martinez. It was really great to see all of the missionaries there and to hear from President. He asked us to believe. I really liked that, to just believe. So I am working on that. He also announced that he will be living in the ward where I am serving for a while with his mother-in-law, while he is building his house. So that is pretty crazy. Even crazier, we found his mother-in-law the next day when we were out contacting. I guess she isn’t a member. It sounds like they are going to distance themselves from the missionaries so that they don’t have influence as our new President begins. They are such great people! 

After the conference, Chile was playing in the world cup so we couldn’t really go out and work. President said it would be dangerous because of the celebrations if they won. These people are crazy for their soccer down here. Pretty much everything shuts down for the games. Hopefully they will win. It would be pretty cool to be here if they do. 

The P family is progressing they came to church again last week even though the mom was a little sick. They want to get baptized. But we are really hoping that the dad will come. He hasn’t come to church yet and we haven’t taught him for a while. We also made contact with the D family this week we haven’t seen them for a while, but they seem excited. The parents came to church and they invited us to have a barbeque with them on Wednesday for lunch so that is good. 

 I also found out that one of the couples we found and were teaching in Loncoche got baptized on Saturday. I was super excited! They got married and everything for it.

I am doing well, I was a little sick yesterday but am doing much better today.

Happy Birthday mom I love you tons! Thank you for always being there for me. You are amazing!

Happy Father’s Day Dad as well! You are the best!

I feel so blessed to have such great parents! 

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